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Excel Automation

A lot of the projects involve Microsoft Excel in one way or the other, as it is the go-to application on most enterprise systems to do calculations and data analysis. However functionality related to Excel can also be applied to other Office 365 apps like Access and Word.

Custom Add-In

Restructuring datasets

A custom Excel add-in developed for a client. In order to reduce administrative burden, the Add-in provides a restructuring of a large dataset. After restructuring the output could be used directly into it's workflow. Saving the client hours of manual work. addin

VBA - VisualBasic for Applications

Although for most 'real' software developers. VisualBasic for applications is not the primary tool of use. However most enterprise environments do use microsoft Excel as their primary data analysis tool. Because of this I have quite some experience in developing so called Macro's to automate repeating tasks especially focused on Excel (While applications like Word or Access are also possible)

Hobby Projects

Some open project which I created and you can use or draw inspiration from.

Visual Studio Code

Theme extension

For this editor I have ported a TextMate Theme to Visual Studio Code. This theme is a dark theme so it is easy on the eyes and provides good syntax highlighting on a variety of languages. Which helps debugging programs.

See VSCode Marketplace and source

Some benefits over the "old" textMate theme include : - Color Scheme matches complete interface - Better token definition leading to better readability. (Using more defined lexical tokens) - Support for Python Docstrings - Make use of Semantic Highlighting defined within Visual Studio Code (for use of classes and decorators)

This Site

Created with Sphinx and the Markedly to simply create a static website based off markdown files too provide speed and simplicity to the writer. If you want to create one yourself see this helpful blog article.